Stunt Players was founded in 1993 and it has since grown to be one of the most prominent stuntmen/stuntwomen directory. It originated as a hardcopy publication and it’s still found on every set in the hands of industry directors, coordinators, and producers. The directory went online back in 2000 and has changed a few times then, bringing it to 2015 when it was a time for a major redesign and overhaul of the functionality.


Stunt Players came to us with 2 main goals. They wanted to simplify their membership process, by offering an online signup and allowing their members to easily edit and update their profiles, and they also wanted a fresh look for the online version of their established publication.


The team of Stunt Players were very involved in the design portion of the website - they gathered feedback from the stunt community to help us improve and perfect the look of the website. In the backend, we created a system that allows members to sign up, edit, pause, and cancel their membership easily through their profile. We used Stripe to process the payments, and we coded it so that the systems bills the members automatically, every month or year, depending on their selection.

Rafael and the Weberous team are incredible for a number of reasons.I reached out to over 100 different web development teams for help rebuilding my company's new website. Hunter Crowder



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