Do It Yourself Websites Will Hurt You

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Disclaimer – I really am a pretty good handyman!   A few years ago, my toilet would not stop running. I went to Youtube and found a video of a plumber who fixed a running toilet in 3.5 minutes. Being the sort of DIY person I am, I gathered my tools and got ready for […]

WordPress Is Not What You Think

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9 out of 10 of the people I talk to (and think they know what WordPress is) are wrong, at least to a certain extent. The reason is that there are certain misconceptions about it – some even created by people in the industry –  because not everybody wants to take the time and explain […]

Custom Website or Template? It Depends.

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It’s time. After countless hours of learning, creating, planning, and too many other things to name, you’re ready to introduce your product or service to the world. It’s time to get a website—one that will help you attract visitors, convert them to customers, and build a solid business, or take your business to the next […]

Web Architecture That Gets Results

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Would you ever attempt to put together something from IKEA without the instructions? I have and I failed, with my tilted cabinet to show for it. I screwed it up so bad, that my wife made me get the directions, take it apart, and rebuilt it – and it still looked off (true story).

Gorilla Marketing Tips for Your Website


See what we did there? Yep, it's a misspelling, but it got your attention. Guerilla marketing is jaw-dropping marketing on a low budget. And if it involves actual guerillas (or gorillas), even better. The term "guerilla marketing" was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson over 30 years ago.

6 Web Design Mistakes That Will Kill Your Business

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How would you feel if you had to ring a bell before you could enter a store to shop? What if the sign were so big that you couldn't see the merchandise through the window? We'll probably never know, because no business owner of a brick-and-mortar would ever do these things.