New Newz was launched in 2014 with the goal to create worldwide online resource for individuals with a unique identity, by offering new and one of a kind clothing, shoes, and accessories for both women and men.


New Newz is influenced by all things weird, cool, fun, unique and different, and so they needed a website to reflect just that! Simple just won’t cut it. They wanted a website that looked great, and that was able to showcase their unique products in the best light, through movement, beautiful visuals, and a lot of functionality to improve their customers’ shopping experience.


We started with a lot of back and forth between our design team and the designers at New Newz. It was vital to create a web design that was friendly to the users but at the same time unique and special, like the brand itself. It look a lot of great teamwork but we managed to find that perfect balance! The website features all sorts of media such as art, film, animation, and photography bundled with modern ecommerce features such as Quick View for products, Wishlist, unique photo sliders and more.

Words can't explain how amazing everyone is at Weberous. We started with a vision, and Rafael made it become reality but SO MUCH BETTER then what you had in mind! He knows how to engage and understand your requests and make sure that it can work. Kyle



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