You know how sometimes you see a story on TV about something super cool and special? Well, that's Lisa and Alex for you - 2 People 1 Life. They met in England where they decided that they'll have a wedding ceremony in pretty much every country you can think of in order to see which one they like the most to go back and do the real thing!


2 People 1 Life already had a website and they wanted to come up with a better, more visual way to share their story and keep people updated as their journey continues, while at the same time help in connecting prospective brides and grooms with amazing wedding vendors from all over the world.


As you may expect from a couple that has planned and organized over 65 weddings, Alex and Lisa were very creative. They worked closely with our design team and bounced ideas to create their vision - a fully interactive “everything wedding” website. There are pages for countries with valuable information about getting married there and select vendors to help you. Each vendor has to apply and get approved in order to get listed, in order to ensure that they only include the best. And to top it all off - we integrated a geolocation system that traces the origin of each visitor and serves the closest country to them, and an intranet between vendors listed on the site to recommend other vendors that they work well with!

Probably at the top of the list of best people either of us have ever worked with… E V E R! Alex



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